Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heart to heart

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the August 18 episode on CBC

This is the first I've heard about Tony's dodgy heart but, at any rate, due to the most unusual circumstances, ol Tone finds himself in the ICU of Weatherfield General with the one and only Roy Cropper at his bedside providing 'comfort' as only Roy knows how. What will transpire between these two mighty men? We can only guess, but I think it could go something like this:

Tony: I have a confession to make

Roy: You're attracted to Hayley?

Tony: No, man, it's not about your lovely manwife. I did something very bad.

Roy: I know. You jeopardized the well being of some endangered bats.A species which could have suffered irreparable damage if their delicate ecosystem had been destroyed by urbanization.

Tony: Och, no, man not the bloody bats. Something worse

Roy: Ah yes, the manufacture and sales of sub-standard undergarments at exorbitant prices. Hayley, my manwife, has described in great detail the multiple shortcomings of this moribund enterprise which I believe is neither ISO 9000 nor indeed ISO 14000 certified...

Tony: No, man, not that. For guidness sake, stop your twittering and listen. There was this speeding car and.....

Roy: Ah yes, say no more. I'm well aware of the deleterious carbon emissions of your current motorized vehicle. You no doubt regret not purchasing a more environmentally responsible conveyance, perhaps a Prius or some other hybrid automobile. 

Tony: Oh Guid God! Go get Janice Battersby...

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