Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aye confess

spoiler alert:this post makes reference to the Sept 8 episode on CBC

What's worse? Tony Gordon trying to kill you or Tony Gordon giving you the wee kiss of life?

Well, you'll have ask the shell-shocked Roy Cropper who took an unexpected water tour of the bat habitat (batitat? - ed). But it seems that our mcpsycho, Tony, does indeed have a heart (faulty though it may be) and couldn't actually let Royston drown in the famous murky waters where David Platt parked his car, where Ken Barlow had his bit on the side, where... (get on with it - ed).

Now that Tony's at the cop shop drinking tea with the nice looking detective, questions abound.

Where's Jimmy?  How long before he gets fingered by the Weatherfield fuzz?

What about Carla? Can she afford another one-way from LAX to WEA and, if so, will Streetcars pick her up from the airport?

How about the factory? Who's going to run Underworld now that Luke's done a bunk and Tony's sleeping in one?

And, what about Maria? Now that she knows the truth, what will she do? More to the point, where is she going to find a semi-good looking bloke now that most of them are gone or in jail?

And finally, what about Tony? Will he be enjoying her majesty's hospitality in the John Stape memorial cell? (I think there must be some law that says a least one street character must be in the nick at all times)

We can only wait and watch.

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  1. Hi Corrie, Good point about the factory. Maybe Carla will come back & run it. I enjoy your blogs. Mary