Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blanche Hunt, we'll miss you

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the May 23 episode on CBC

Well, we knew it had to happen and we were waiting for it to happen but it's still a shock to see Ken take that phone call from Spain and be faced with breaking the news to Deirdre about her mother. I've been dreading this/these episode(s) since we got the sad news that Maggie Jones (the actor who plays Blanche Hunt) had passed away . BPH did a little tribute to Blanche back then but we also knew (because of the Canadian broadcast delay) that we'd have a few more months to enjoy Blanche's acerbic wit and savour her caustic, funny one-liners.

Now, we are only left to wonder what Blanche might have said about:

Gail Platt being in jail
(at least Tracy will have someone to talk to.. must be terrible to be locked up, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you Deirdre?)

Audrey's pay-as-you-go fancy man
(Audrey Roberts swanning around with a rental gigolo? Whatever he's charging, he should double it)

Norris & Mary
(I shudder to think what goes on in that camper van. although not much I'd imagine if it's down to Norris)

George Wilson (after he kidnapped Simon):
"All looks and no brains, that one, I just thank my lucky stars that Ken and Deirdre don't have that problem"

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