Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roy & Hayley: best wedding ever?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 21 episode on CBC

It's inevitable. Every Coronation Street wedding can't help but prompt comparisons with other memorable weddings over the years. There's certainly lots to choose from and I have weighed in before on what I think are the three worst weddings of all time 

3. Deirdre Hunt & Ray Langton
2. Carla Connor & Tony Gordon
1. (tie) Mavis Riley & Derek Wilton/Vernon Tomlin & Liz Mcdonald

...not to mention my vote for the three best weddings of all time:
3. Raquel and Norman (Curly) Watts
2. Steve and Karen Mcdonald
1. Deirdre and Ken

However, after seeing Roy and Hayley's railway adventure, I have to say that this wedding now sits at the top of my top three list. Why? Well, the scenery and the steam locomotive were fabulous as were the rail cars and the joyous sight of Roy fulfilling his boyhood dream of riding shotgun. Then there was the scene of Becky and Fiz commandeering a pump wagon to get Hayley to the church on time. The location of the wedding service and the reception was magnificent (gee, I guess Mary did a pretty good job despite the sabotage). The choir was great, the songs were classy and the speeches (Roy's, Hayley's and Chesney's) were poignant, touching and heartfelt. And, just to top it all off, the newlyweds left the reception in their woody (please stop mentioning the woody - ed). What more could you possibly ask for?

Here's to Roy & Hayley

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