Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ocean's Eleven (minus 7) on Coronation Street

please note this post makes reference to the Feb 27 episode on CBC

I don't know about you, but I love a caper (preferably with a slice of smoked salmon and a bagel - ed). So what's the lowdown with Corrie's own rat pack (not to be confused with the pack of rats down by the viaduct - ed)? Well, here's the skinny:

The Caper:
Win back the £2,000 which Sylvia Cropper lost while gambling.

The Gang:
Ken "The Teacher" Barlow: don't cross him or he'll write a long-winded column in the weekly newspaper.
Dennis "The Moocher" Tanner: don't tangle with him, he's got a debit card and he almost knows how to use it.
Sylvia "The Godmother" Cropper: don't mess with her or she'll correct your syntax and grammar.
Roy "The Rainman" Cropper: don't get him angry or he will cut you... off the Weatherfield Historical Society mailing list.

The Plan:
Infiltrate the Weatherfield Casino and Laundromat (slogan: "we'll clean your smalls while we clean you out"). Enter said Casino, stopping only for a round of pineapple juices, then load up the Blackjack table with ringers (Ken. Sylvia & Dennis) and let Grandmaster Roy do his thing.

The Secret Weapon:

No, really, what's the Secret Weapon?
Roy is a math whiz. He spent a couple of hours reading a book and practicing how to count cards. Now all he has to do is make sure it works before the oily casino manager gets wise to the heist.

The Getaway Vehicle:
The Weatherfield Wayfarer Bus (runs every 35 minutes, every 45 minutes on evenings and weekends)

...I love it when a plan comes together (assuming that the plan does in fact come together)

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