Monday, June 1, 2009

the dumbing down of Steve Mcdonald

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 1 episode on CBC

There's no two ways about it: Steve Mcdonald is turning into a mere shadow of the funny, nuanced character we used to love. Today's episode is just another chapter in a downward spiral of erratic behaviour (punctuated by goofy double-takes) as Steverino continues to make a mess of his relationship with Michelle.

"What ya' think I'm thick?" he yells in the back of Rover's when he finds Michelle and her mate (JD) sipping tea in their morning garb and talking about old times. Surely the question is rhetorical? Steve does indeed appear thick and getting thicker by the day.

Contrast this to the old Steve we remember. Wasn't it just a few short months ago that Steve was patiently dealing with Vernon & Liz' marriage and bravely managing the return of his volatile and violent dad? Wasn't it Steve who was the beacon of good sense and patience when Michelle discovered her real biological son (Alex) ?

What happened? Beats me but I think the watershed was when Steve (for no real good reason) locked a bookie in the basement of the Rovers overnight. That led to a nightmare string of events. Then came the piece de resistance: a trumped up fight with Michelle followed by a night of blotto drunk carousing capped off with sleepover sex with Becky. (well, one out of three isn't bad - ed)

Maybe a dark horse or a father figure will emerge to provide Steve with some of the guidance and support he needs. Someone unique who marches to the beat of his own drum. Hmm. Anyone see Vernon lately?

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