Friday, June 19, 2009

Il Skivo

Spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 18 episode on CBC

Let's deal with the mundane first.

Teresa has made a startling bedside confession to Jerry (she makes a lousy apple pie and custard? - ed). Much to my surprise, she has come clean and told the Kebab King (TM) that she is responsible for giving him too many pills and reducing his blood to the consistency of a cup of weak tea at Roy's Rolls. Jerry is shocked. Teresa has pulled a lot of reprehensible stunts (extra marital affairs, abandoning the kids, lying, conning Lloyd into paternity payouts for his 'son' Finlay, using Sally Webster's conservatory as a giant ashtray, etc etc) but this one takes the cake. Jerry threatens to call 999 (note: subtract 88 for Canadian equivalent). Teresa leaves. She's a bad seed but, let's face it, she didn't have to confess at all. She could have stayed quiet and probably would have gotten away with it. Suddenly, against all odds, she starts to show a little depth and complexity. I'm just wondering if it's too little, too late.

But all this is just prologue to the singing debut of Vernon Tomlin whose pipes reveal an earthy, earnest country/folk/pop sensibility -- without the usual good looks, talent and charisma which burden most singing superstars. He's like 1/4 (1/8th surely - ed) of the singing group Il Divo. Call him 'Il Skivo'. But I digress. Vernon's breakup with Liz has inspired songs and lyrics that we will never forget (try as we might). Let's not wait one second more before releasing a CD. I can see it now....

Vernon Tomlin's Greatest Hits
Side 1
Wichita potman
Stayin' askive
Slip, slippin' away... (pending Paul Simon lawsuit)
Time please

Side 2
I'll have the full English (but my love is half baked)
Ice and a slice... of my heart
Bang the drum slowly (Vernon's productivity song)
(Don't fall into) The Mason's Arms

Order now and get a free hotpot! That's it for this week. Enjoy the Sunday omnibus episode. Thanks for visiting and I'll be back next Tuesday.

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