Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Law & Order, SVU

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 24 episode on CBC

...and by SVU, I mean Scottish Victims Unit (stop mctypecasting my people - ed). You've got to hand it to Carla Connor. She makes Sherlock Holmes look like Inspector Clouseau (if Sherlock Holmes was a hot fox - ed). It took Maria, several weeks, a trip to Cyprus, a can of paint and a spelling error ('muder' most foul - ed) to sniff out Tony's evil deeds but Carla spends 24 hours on the case and she's almost got the whole thing figured out.

I like to think she's been taking my advice from a previous post but maybe she just has the 'killer' instinct. Look at her productivity. She makes one quick visit to Wigan (is there such a thing? - ed) to see Jed Stone. A few pints and a mixed grill later, she knows that Tony's been terrorizing the old man and even sees the marks around his neck (Jed likes his negligees to fit snugly - ed).

Two days later, Carla is back on the case, this time having a chat with the mulit-tasking garage mechanic and enigmatic Jimmy (garage slogan: we specialize in lubrication and intimidation). Now Carla has almost put together the pieces but she has forgotten two important things:

1. A bulletproof alibi so as not to arouse Tony's suspicions
2. An 'insurance' policy, i.e. a companion or witness to deter Tony from inflicting bodily harm.

Personally, I wouldn't want to be in an empty knicker factory with Tony (even with double overtime? - ed). Oh well, maybe Ed Windass will show up at an opportune moment with some cakes. We can only hope...

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