Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kirk's Sister

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the August 4 episode on CBC

Well, you can put away the DNA test and cancel that call to CSI because, if there was ever any doubt that Maria is actually related to Kirk, it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt when our Maria decided to announce her engagement to Tony -- to Liam's horrified, grieving mother and father, while sipping champagne on the one-year anniversary of Liam's death.

As Audrey might say: "What were you thinking, lovey?"

Talk about a bonehead Sutherland move. Yes, it's true that Barry and Helen can be a little hard to take, but, they are, after all, still struggling with the loss of their second son. And, especially on the anniversary of his death, it might have been a good idea to keep things a little low key and not rub their noses in it by having Tony around. Would it kill Maria to keep Tony on the back-burner for 72 hours ? (I like the idea of Tony on a back-burner - ed)

Then, of course, there's Tony himself, proposing to Maria on the anniversary of Liam's death in front of the gravestone at the cemetery and then topping it off with a nice bottle of bubbly (Cuvee Tactless 1993). As Helen says: "What exactly are you celebrating?" Hey, Tony, why not go all the way and put on a Tony Gordon mask while you're at it?

The only other possible explanation for Tony's lamentable behavior is that this is all part of some sick, twisted, revenge plot (see Tony Theory, part 1 & 2). Maria, on the other hand, well I guess it just runs in the family.

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  1. Liam is actually the third son to die. All by auto "accidents" in Weatherfield too!
    1-- Dean, drunk driving (Paul was really the driver, but kept stumm).
    2-- Paul, drunk driving ( with Leeanne locked in boot of car).
    3-- Liam, run down by Jimmy ( at Tony's orders).
    Dean's death was before the family were on Coronation Street, so it's easy to forget.